LifeHouse Church


Become Who God Created You To Be


Leader(s): Donald Goldston

Fellas, What’s on Your Mind?

“The Power within the Man.” Our Women are just as important as we are which is why I would never compare or divide the two. We were both created for specific task. But as for the man, God has equipped us with extraordinary gifts. He’s called us to be creators/inventors, leaders, role models, protectors, lovers, healers, encouragers, motivators, believers and much more. I believe once a man understands the power that he possesses, everything else begins to line up for him. The reason many of us struggle in society or life is because we haven’t had anyone to pour into us or remind us of the true power God has given us. Some of us know what we possess but allow ourselves to be distracted by the voices of others through the enemy. This is why we must come together and be reminded of who’s we are and who we are. Hopefully this ignites the fire within and causes one to go forth and be productive for the kingdom and glorify the Father. But first we have to understand the Power We Possess. 



7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
In Person & Virtual
on Tuesday