LifeHouse Church

Our Values

Building A Non Denominational Church

We are committed to building a non Denominational Church around the following values:

Everyone Is Welcome

An assembly of people representing every generation, race, ethnicity and culture walking in the unity of Jesus Christ and a fellowship of prayer and intercession for all nations.

We Take Our Next Steps

A fine-arts haven using cutting-edge technology to creatively express the message of the Gospel and present passionate worship towards God.

We Raise Up The Next Generation

A church who desires to capture the attention and hearts of children and youth through innovation and fun to help them develop a lifelong intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

We Are Better Together

A place to help others discover their purpose and actively use their God-given gifts to support the local church and community.

We Equip Everyone To Make A Difference

A house where soul winning is key because of the love of God in our hearts for the seeker.

We Believe Excellence Honors God & Inspires People

A culture of generous people giving their time, talent & treasure.

We Live To Give

A place where the Five-Fold ministry gifts are recognized, developed and utilized to expand the kingdom of God.

We Reach Those Who Are Far From God

A church where marketplace ministers are groomed and trained to effectively spread the principles of the Kingdom of God in their spheres of influence.


A house where we partnership with other ministries and organizations throughout the world to provide support and valuable resources.

Beyond The Church

A fellowship of LifeGroups all over the Triangle area fostering relationships and connections in the community beyond the church’s walls.